1st SCN Regional Meeting – Tbilisi 2019

15th October 2019 - 16th October 2019

We came, we saw….and we did a little networking

A very positive response to our first regional meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia. Due to members requesting more coverage in the region, we set up a regional meeting with an aim of attracting members interested in doing business in the region and also members and potential members to explain more of traffic flows and their specializations.

We were very lucky to be hosted by two of our most supportive members, Megrex and Lasare – both from Tbilisi Georgia who ensured that we had a true Georgian experience, both during the tour and also during the Georgian Dinner with spectacular array of food, music and dancing (although maybe the dancing of some SCN was a little less than spectacular!)

The meeting time allowed us to first hear presentations from attendees and later hear some of the directions and new ideas of networking with SCN. Later, after lunch, members were able to have more focused one-to-one meetings as per their schedule, although with the focused group, most had the opportunity to speak to most of the other members. We thank the attendees for coming from Azerbaijan(Air Cargo and SG Logistics), Kazakhstan (Multi Cargo Forwarding and Taby’s), Lithuania (Holship), Latvia(Intellog), Uzbekistan (Ahead Group), Turkey (Bati and Gezairi), Spain (Multi Trade), and UAE (Blue Axis).

In conclusion, SCN has found some solid new members in new markets to allow for more networking opportunities around the world. Business opportunities in the CIS and Caucasus regions are plentiful and we are pleased to develop the network to be able to participate in those cargo flows with security and professionality.