Panama Canal Tour - Tuesday

Tuesday 15th October, 2024

Panama is home to one of the world’s greatest engineering wonders – the Panama Canal! Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this magnificent feat of human ingenuity during your stay with us. It’s only a 15-minute drive away from our hotel!

Do you want to see how the ships transit through the Panama Canal locks?

We will visit Miraflores Visitor Centre. The building has a terrace on ground level and bleachers on the 1st level for observing the Canal’s operation, the passage of ships through the locks and how they move.

There is also the new Miraflores viewing deck that provides visitors with exceptional views of the Canal’s operation. With a strategic location and modern design, the lookout offers a unique experience to closely observe the fascinating transit of ships through the iconic century-old locks.

Both locations are ideal to take pictures and to hold memories of this engineering marvel. Transits of ships may vary depending on schedule.

Some interesting facts that we are sure you don’t know about the Miraflores visitor centre


  1. The Miraflores Visitor Center was built months after the Canal was transferred to Panamanian hands.
  2. More than 2,000 foreigners visit the Center everyday.
  3. In 2012, the Miraflores Visitor Center launched its 3D room for the projection of a film that tells the story of the Panama Canal.
  4. The center occupies a total space of about 18,000 square meters.




Please join us to take a look around, you can sign up during registration (or if you’ve already registered and now want to participate, drop us an e-mail:

(Be sure to arrive on Monday 14th October as the tour is Tuesday 15th mid morning)


Cost and Registration

Cost of tour: $130.00

Cost of networking opportunities during tour: PRICELESS!
Please sign up during registration