2nd SCN Regional Meet-up – Alella, BCN 2021

24th September 2021 - 26th September 2021

Since the word COVID became part of our vocabulary, we have all looked around to adapt to our new situation, which with maintaining contact has for many meant a fast crash course in video conferences (and feeling comfortable with them!). But those images of 50 squares and faces on a screen changed from “a cool new way to connect up” to “oh no, another video call” we all knew that as humans we were looking to be together again.

All together from 100 countries around the world?…..well, that’s not quite possible yet, but at least we can start with some who can. And with that in mind, while we missed those who could not come, it was time to start again with physical meeting! It was time for SCN’s European Meet-Up in Alella, Barcelona

As with many aspects of life post-Covid 19, safety measures and protocols require a re-think of how to proceed and going back to a normal conference was not the aim. The event was planned around a series of informal and varied settings to allow members and partners to get together and discuss at their ease. All outside (masked when inside or in buses) notably incuding:

We also of course had networking time – but instead of our one-to-one meetings, this was in our garden in Arrey Alella hotel allowing more relaxed wide ranging conversations that SCN members need to get to know each others’ potential and to collaborate.

Specific questions were raised to debate so that we can move forward as a network in the interest of all:

  1. What will logistics conferences and meetings look like in the future?
  2. Will digital integration between independant forwarders be essential to compete in the future?
  3. Does commercial leverage of forwarders with clients give prospects with trading and other activity?

Apart from many inteeresting conclusions on these matters, we all know that further debate as time moves on will change the answer. We are fortunate to be together and communicative in these changing times to make sure we prosper together.

Above all, the human element of logistics and SCN was shown once more to be a driving force behind collaboration between us. We thank all SCN members who were able to join us, some with considerable barriers. We will look for the next possibility to meet, with all the necessary precautions. SCN wants to be with you, and we’ve seen SCNers want to be TOGETHER.