SCN Digitalization Meet Up – New Orleans, USA

20th March 2024 - 22nd March 2024

We need to talk about digitalization!


We know it’s all of us. In these times of great digital progress, the number of tools available for us in logistics as in other aspects of life can be CONFUSING…or even ANNOYING!

We need more OPEN conversation that brings together forwarders and providers, so that not only can providers explain what their services can do, but so we have a frank response from forwarders and users of the digital tools, to make sure the providers continually adjust to the needs of forwarders.

That’s what we’re all about in SCN. Debate and conversation to aline more closely demands and supply of services among our community. To recommend not only solutions, but to include USERS and CLIENTS of the solutions as a reference point to SCNers around the world.

And THAT is precisely what was achieved in New Orleans, with SCN’s Digitalization Meet Up. Digital solutions on TMS,  AI, tracking, data processing, payments, client portals and much much more. More than interesting pitches, two days of client interactions and learning of what works, when it works and what is needed to make it work.

Many thanks to our varied digital solutions who were prepared to put their solutions in the SCN Hot Seat so we could discuss how useful they could be:

SCN continues to look at new formulas to create more conversation and networking in logistics.

Many thanks to all the forwarders and vendors who joined us in this new format of logistics event. Join us for more networking at SCN!