One on One meetings

Instructions for use of the one-on-one meeting scheduler

The one-on-one meeting scheduler will open in 2018 (exact date TBC. Please stay tuned via this website or  our newsletter) at 00:01 US west coast time (GMT-8) on the main SCN website at In order to access it, you will have to log in as the registered attendee. All registered attendees should have login credentials, which can be retrieved by following the instructions on the website’s log-in page (Click on “Forgotten your password?” and enter your email address of record.)

Following are instructions for its proper use. To begin, you should download a copy of the attendance roster from this link: Conference Attendees . If for any reason you cannot successfully access the link, let me know and I will send the roster to you as an attachment. It is also available through a link on the Conference page of the main SCN website.

Note that the roster is not complete at this point as a number of people are awaiting their visas or have committed to attend but have not yet registered. The attendance list will be updated daily.

Very Important: Please do not make any changes to your email address or company information on our website if you are listed in the scheduler. This will cause untold damage to your schedule and should be avoided at all costs. If you need to have changes made, please contact David Cook about them at After the conference, you may resume editing your details on the SCN website.

Pre-Planning: A few minutes of pre-planning will make the job much easier. Begin by printing out a copy of the attendee roster, which is arranged alphabetically by company for the delegates who are presently registered to attend.

Read through the attendee list and mark the companies you would like to meet with in a half-hour one-on-one meeting. A preliminary agenda is available at the quick link above, which indicates when the one-on-one meetings will take place during the three days of the conference.

Log in to the Main SCN Website ( Everyone who has registered for the conference is listed as a user of the website and has been issued a user name and password.

Once you are logged in, click on “Conferences” in the “Member Tools” column. Then click on the “Meeting Scheduler” link, which will be found in blue type on the left side of the page.

Please note: If you are not registered for the conference, you will not see “Meeting Scheduler” on this page and will not have access to it. Remember, each schedule is associated with a specific and unique user name and password.

Scheduling Your Meetings: After clicking on “Meeting Scheduler,” the scheduler page opens, and the first option is to select an event. Nothing needs to be done here, since it will be defaulted to the present conference. Next is “Print my schedule,” which you can do at any time you wish even after the scheduler closes.

Next is the option to choose a day. From the dropdown menu, you can select which of the three days of the conference you want to work with in turn. This choice will be important as you complete each day or to find available times for other members with whom you wish to meet. It is not necessary to schedule meetings in the daily order–for example, you could schedule some of your Friday meetings first, then Wednesday, then Thursday.

Choose an attendee you would like to meet with from the dropdown menu, which contains all the people who are registered for the meeting alphabetized by company name like the attendance roster. Once you have selected the attendee you wish to meet, your scheduler will reflect when both of you are free to meet (“I am available” and “Member is available” will both be displayed side by side for times when there is no conflict between your schedules). Click the “Schedule Meeting” link in the Action column to arrange the meeting for the time slot. Both of you will be notified by email of the meeting.

The times when you are available and the person you wish to meet with is available are quite clearly marked. Of course, the longer the scheduler is open, the more people’s schedules will be filled, and so all are encouraged to get their meetings arranged early.

Scheduling Tip: Experienced SCN members tend to schedule most of their meetings but leave some blank time in their schedules for others to approach them for a meeting. Unforeseen opportunities could result.

Blocking Portions of Your Schedule: You can mark yourself as unavailable by selecting ‘Mark as Busy’ from the Action column of the scheduler. Other attendees will then be unable to schedule meetings with you for those ‘busy’ slots. Note that slots cannot be marked as busy if there is already a meeting scheduled for that slot. You will need to cancel the meeting first. If a slot is marked as busy, you can make yourself available again by selecting the appropriate option in the Action column.

Miscellaneous: Please note from the agenda that there is no organized luncheon on Friday, March 31. Please wait lunch until the conclusion of the conference at 13:00.

Please be courteous. I ask all members to exercise routine courtesy in their use of the scheduler. If someone schedules a meeting with you and you must cancel it for whatever reason, please send that person an email message of explanation and try to reschedule. Anyone who may have to cancel their conference participation after today should take note of their schedule and personally contact all who may be affected.

Closing of the Scheduler: The meeting scheduler will close on Thursday March 23 at 00:01 GMT-8. After this time, you will not be able to schedule additional meetings, although you will be able to view and print your schedule. After the scheduler closes, we will print out all schedules and bring them to the conference for distribution with your meeting materials.

David Cook and I will be monitoring the opening days of the scheduler quite closely and watching for problems that may arise. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or problems you may experience.

Payment of Conference Fees: All conference fees are due and payable as invoiced unless other arrangements have been made.

For registration information, accounting matters or password assistance, contact

For assistance in Spanish, contact David Cook at