Swamp Airboat Tour

Saturday 23rd March 2024

Get ready for an exciting adventure! Take a thrilling ride through the marshland and bayous of Louisiana, accessible only by airboat.  Vessels are ready to take you to the far reaches of the bayous by using Chevy 454, 450 horsepower engines.

Airboat Tour explores Louisiana’s back country along meandering bayous abundant with exotic plant and wildlife. Trained navigators escort you into the murky waters of Louisiana swamps where you will come face to face with the beauty and beasts of nature.

Please join our Airboat Tour, you can sign up during registration (or if you’ve already registered and now want to participate, drop us an e-mail: hello@securitycargonetwork.com)

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Cost and Registration

Cost of Airboat Tour, $160.00

Cost of networking opportunities during party: PRICELESS!
Please sign up during registration.