Thailand 11th to 14th October 2022

Please note the charges for our 18th Annual SCN International Conference. Note that any optional Conference events, if you are participating, are not included within below pricing.

In addition to these charges, please also make sure you book with the hotel at our preferential rate – – click here to book your room!


Registration is now open



SCN Member – US$900               (US$825 -Additional attendee)

SCN Partner  & Potential Members- US$1250                 (US$1150 -Additional attendee)

Guests (Spouse, etc…) – – US$275 (Inc. lunch, Welcome Cocktail & Banquet- note no access to Scheduler)


POST CONFERENCE “Wind Down Weekend” – Friday 14th Oct – Sunday 16th October

Optional weekend relax after the conference for SCN members in Hua Hin, Thailand

Single Room (1pax):          US$ 600

Double Room (2pax):        US$ 800

Includes transfers, dinners, hotel with breakfast (2 nights) and some extra treats.



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