Dinner & Ghost Tour

Friday 22nd March, 2024

After 2 days of intense meetings, we miss a dinner with friends. Come on Friday 22nd March for an informal dinner and a special tour.

Once dinner is over, will you be ready to embark on a ghost-filled night of horror in New Orleans?

Prepare yourself to discover the untold history of this ghost-filled city by joinig us at the Yellow Fever Ghost Tour. Even the bravest ghost hunters and history buffs are shocked by the hauntings, murder, and scandal embedded in New Orleans streets.

After the sun goes down, you’ll listen to tales about chilling legends, heinous crimes, and paranormal activity haunting New Orleans since the Civil War. During the tour, you’ll feel the shivers running down your spine as you listen to ghostly tales as we travel to the 7 most haunted places in New Orleans.

Please join us!


Cost and Registration

Cost of casual dinner & Yellow Fever Ghost Tour, $125.00

Cost of networking opportunities during party: PRICELESS!
Please sign up during registration.